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Cube Forex - Client Profile

Cube Forex, an international online Forex and CFD trading firm offering access to a diverse range of trading products including foreign exchange, commodities, futures, and indices. Cube Forex with the help of Meta Trader 4 trading platform, provides advantage of high liquidity, tight spreads, mobile trading, technical analysis and much more.

Client Requirement

We were aware of the fact that to streamline the process of management, staff and Clients, CRM is a dominant tool. Cube Forex was established with a drive to make trading experience smoother for traders and become a leading brokerage firm. Thus we offered them:

  • CRM & Trader’s Room
  • CRM integration with the website
  • Web-forms

Our Solution

Client wanted a CRM to organize and manage the flow of his clients. His concern was to make the entire process so compact right from the lead generation to trading. They wanted to work with the system having an innate capacity. So here cloud Forex CRM was a perfect fit. As Cube Forex was in the start-up stage, the seeding model really proved to be a great asset.


CRM Slider
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Trader’s Room

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