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Fx Nice - Client Profile

Fx Nice is an internet brokerage and investment company that enables its clients to invest in foreign exchange market, commodities. They aim to build a long-term relationship with clients based on their corporate values of trust and performance. With the most advanced trading technology and services, the are making online Forex trading easy. The clients can enjoy the best of trading conditions in the industry. Additionally, they ensure optimal information technology security for clients. Fx Nice believes in adhering to the highest professional standards, the outcome of which is they are getting good response from all over the world.

Client Requirement

Fx Nice were looking for a Forex CRM and were in search of a solution that provides them with functionalities as well as the flexibility to mould it according to their requirements. The main concern for FX Nice was the modification they wanted to have in the CRM. So we got them in for:

  • CRM & Trader’s Room Self Hosted version
  • CRM integration with the website
  • Web-forms in their website

Our Solution

Keeping in mind the requirements of Fx Nice, we pitched them with a solution that fits in the best. The self hosted CRM was perfect quick fix to their customizations. We had them with an auto live account approval along with the customized customer verification process. A major change that they realised later was the integration of web-forms into their website and adding modifications in the sales profile. So we added website forms into their website. Now with the self-hosted version, Fx Nice can open unlimited live accounts and also have access to all the future updates.


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Trader’s Room

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