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FX Prime Book is an established international group of companies, based in Seychelles. It provides financial products focused on foreign exchange, primarily for retail investors. Its product offering includes CFD’s on a range of underlying financial instruments, including share indices, metals, foreign exchange and commodities to a global client base. As a leading provider in Foreign Exchange and Derivatives, Prime Book allows investors and corporates to benefit from a price-driven trading service enabling them to view live price quotes continuously and execute transactions instantly.

Client Requirement

FX Prime Book was an existing client who wanted to revamp their processes through CRM. The polestar in this case was the affiliate system in CRM. They were in for the advanced bespoke IB Commission Portal which promised a generous and rewarding plan. Continuous and personalized professional development was the hot spot they felt for. They are something who continuously strive to improve and develop themselves from day one. As they wished to enter the Chinese market, it became a necessity to implement Chinese in the CRM which happened to provide a huge boost in no. of traders.

Our Solution

We assisted FX Prime Book with the CRM. Initially the IB module and the affiliate system calculations they conferred us were so precarious but our team finally cracked the complex IB Tree and came up with a system having multiple IB Level with customizable/flexible affiliate system. As per their need, we developed a CRM & Trader’s Room for the client in such a way so that their IBs which will allow them to receive incomes from clients they introduce in profitable and fair remuneration.

As FX Prime Book wished to cater globally and wanted their clients to have a better knowhow hence; we offered them CRM & Trader’s Room in Chinese and English both the language. Instead of the swap, the owners of Swap-Free accounts are charged a fixed commission, which depends only on the type of currency pair and number of open lots, but not on the issuing banks’ interest rates. This account type was created especially for the clients of Muslim belief, who are not allowed to trade with swaps because of Sharia laws.

We integrated the Trade Socio which is a third party PAMM plugin with FX Prime Book CRM so that their client will be able to login with the same credentials they use for the Trader’s Room. This in a way added more functionality and glamor to the system and shows a wide capability of CRM to integrate and adjust itself with range of products.

Further to this, FX Prime Book being our premium client was provided with a Trader’s Room Mobile application that supports android and iOS.


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