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GCC Brokers - Client Profile

GCC Brokers is one of the leading forex brokerage firms in Hong Kong. It provides various resources and tools to traders for easy trading. GCC Brokers is a one stop brokerage firm where traders can find all types of trading solutions as per their multiple requirements. GCC offers best support to their traders and always one step ahead by upgrading their services time to time.

Client Requirement

On the grounds that quality matters, both GCC and Sigmate allied to create a sleek, simple CRM software which would streamline their process further. We accompanied them with the Trader’s Room application as well for the CRM (an initiative solely by PheasanTech)

They wanted something which is pure quality and would embark their journey in Forex industry with grandeur, equally the industry has. Since they were cropping up in the market, they chose:

  • CRM &Trader’s Room self hosted version
  • CRM integration with the website
  • Web-forms

Our Solution

GCC Brokers wanted sleek and automated procedure for clients as well as employees. One of the concerns of client was multi-level IB program & mt5 which was the focal point of their business. So we offered them a CRM with Multi-level IB program and created an mt5 API for them to integrate in the CRM.

Moreover, the trader’s room is being enhanced with our monthly up gradations like e-wallet, mobile application, notifications and so on…


CRM Slider
GCC Brokers Forex CRM1 GCC Brokers Forex CRM2 GCC Brokers Forex CRM3 GCC Brokers Forex CRM4 GCC Brokers Forex CRM5

Trader’s Room

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