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Spartan Fx Pro - Client Profile

Spartan Fx Pro - registered as a Marshal Islands Company, is a regulated global Forex broker, offering the best possible environment for traders. These include advanced tools and the best customer support, so that their customers can invest in currency and CFD trading with the assurance and success of a market leader. They provide innovative online Forex Brokerage Service. Spartan Fx Pro primarily consists of retail traders but it is increasingly servicing institutional partners and money managers as well, with transactions exclusively being executed online. Due to its rapid progression, Spartan Fx Pro client services are now available in more than 10 countries in the region.

Client Requirement

The client’s prerequisite was to make an informed decision and present spontaneously to their clients the solutions which would ease the process. CRM & Cabinet’s area should be adaptable with the MetaTrader4. Also, their clients can open more than one trading accounts with “Spartan FXPRO” only after informing along with different options to select account types. Their clients should be able to change their MT4, Web Trader password without anyone’s approval.

Our Solution

As per the client’s requirement, we’ve provided Cloud based CRM & Trader’s Room product which effectuate their needs which is based on highly configured server to make it more reliable and fast. Any change or any request delegated from the CRM or Trader’s Room will automatically reflect to the MetaTrader4 Manager.


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Trader’s Room

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