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Why Believe In Myths? Choose The Right CRM For Your Forex Brokerage With Cloud Forex!!

According to a study, most of the new Forex Brokerage companies fail due to lacking proper market analysis, and inadequate knowledge of software implementation. Brokers have to look for the best brokerage services available in the market which includes a user-friendly interface, advanced tech tools, and attractive features. In such a scenario, Forex CRM becomes the icing on the cake if the software is meeting your business requirements.

With a well-crafted Forex CRM, the broker manages effective communication with traders and gets most of the brokerage development issues solved with the software. As CRM collects and centralizes data, acts as a dynamic reporting entity, enhances marketing strategies, etc. Still, there are some myths among the brokers which are widespread in the market. Let us highlight some of the myths related to Forex CRM:

  • Forex CRM is not worth for a small brokerage firm: When a beginner forex broker is looking for lowest expenses to enter the market, this becomes obvious that he would think of cutting the cost of such CRM. But on the contrary High quality and efficient CRM will automate the process and workflows which will ultimately minimize your expenses and at the same time build a strong foundation for your company.
  • Forex CRM cost is very high for the new brokers: Somehow this relates to the first myth as new brokers always look for an opportunity to cut the costs but as there are many players in the CRM service provider market, the broker gets a benefit of neck-to-neck competition and finds the right CRM at an affordable price.
  • There is no custom version available and you have to choose from the existing one only: We would like to break this misconception and add here that you do not need to use the same CRM that others are using. There are ways to customize your CRM based on your existing working system. You just need a professional CRM provider who can study your situation and create the best Forex CRM product for you.
  • Forex CRM you choose may not go well with your existing system: There are options available in the market where you can get a CRM solution that involves complex settings and integration of your existing systems into the new software. And the overall system would work as a single mechanism.
    So, when you have once understood what are the myths it becomes easy for you to choose the right product for yourself and your company. But again there are some steps you should follow when you select a service provider for your firm.
  • Clarify your business vision and mission: You have to make a note of the primary goals of your business and understand the way how to achieve those goals. If you have proper list of features you are looking for, the CRM system will enhance your brokerage business and open new horizons for you.
  • Opt for a trustworthy service provider for your Forex CRM: Once you are clear on your mission, vision and goals, look for a trustworthy experienced service provider for your brokerage. Check the reviews and success rate of the providers. Try to get a package of solutions and services so that you get a professional touch in your business. If the service provider is reliable and capable, he would integrate the existing systems appropriately with the Forex CRM.
  • Once CRM is deployed you should rely on the system for business improvement: Use the features of statistics and reports provided in the system to improve your sales and customer service which is more convenient to your traders.
    The whole process of adopting a CRM to implementation becomes easy to manage when you have understood what you exactly require in your CRM.

To know how Cloud Forex can be your partner in terms of providing services and solutions related to Forex Brokerage, please log on to www.cloudforexcrm.com or skype us at https://join.skype.com/invite/PDjMZB2m6shc


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