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Cloud Forex CRM Mobile App - The ease of managing the business on the go

By now, almost half of the world is connected through a technology called mobile, no need to mention that technology and automation have become irreplaceable in our lives. In the Forex industry, brokers have to give the privilege of a mobile app to their clients for making their trading and fund management experiences easier. At the same time, it is equally important for the back office team to engage with clients, access business information on a fingertip, and schedule their tasks as well as send messages or emails. What the back office sales team of a Forex Broker can use is a mobile version of the  Forex CRM they are already using.

Earlier the CRMs were designed for the web only and the sales team would have to be tied up to their desks in order to perform any sales activity. But not anymore with the automation and advancement on the technology front. Now the back office team can access the information using their smartphone.

Here, we would like to bring to your notice the Cloud Forex CRM Mobile App which we have designed creatively keeping in mind the Forex Brokers business model. Available on Play Store, It is platform-independent and can be installed on Android as well as IOS platforms. Let us focus on the features that make this App efficient and effective for Brokers.

1. Lead and Contact Management:

Being a broker, you always want to attract new clients and retain the existing ones. To convert a potential lead into a client, you need a lot of effort from your sales team including scheduling various tasks like emails, messages, etc. to approach the lead. CRM App can help you convert leads into contacts easily in a single click.

2. Account Management:

Once you have a client on board with you, from the mobile app of CRM you can manage their requests conveniently using your smartphone. CRM App gives you the liberty to either approve or disapprove requests, create new accounts be it live or demo, and access trading passwords and account balances of the particular client.

3. Payment Activities:

The most important feature of the App is to view transaction activities and manage deposits and withdrawals. The broker can keep an eye on the history of a particular client's payments, and monitor pending requests by approving or rejecting them on your fingertip.

4. Support Portal:

Managing the tickets generated by clients will be easier through the mobile App. A broker can assign the tickets to the respective team member and can comment directly through the app and resolve the issue on the spot. Clients' issues can be handled quickly and effectively by this feature.

5. KYC:

As you are keeping your phone with you all the time, you can quickly review all the documents that are uploaded by the clients through their cabinet area. You can either approve or reject the document through the app and decide on giving complete access to the cabinet or not.

6. Interactive Dashboard:

Have a view of real-time business activities and stay informed in order to respond to important requests.

Along with the above features, our App comes with a comprehensive set of tools, enabling the broker to manage business activities from anywhere on the planet and stay connected 24/7. It is user-friendly, highly safe, and secure in terms of storing clients’ sensitive information.

So, why not have a powerful tool to manage your business at your fingertip. With Cloud Forex CRM Mobile App manage all your activities, be it accounts, fund management, transactions, communications, or client issues resolution. Stay connected and control your operations globally with the perfect solution for a new-age mobile Forex Broker.

To know more about the App and other services, contact us at  www.cloudforexcrm.com or skype us at https://join.skype.com/invite/PDjMZB2m6shc


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