Difference Between Cloud v/s Self Hosted Forex CRM

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Difference Between Cloud v/s Self Hosted Forex CRM

Difference Between Cloud v/s Self Hosted Forex CRM

If you are thinking that implementing CRM at your Premises is a way too difficult task, here we are at your service to make it quite easier for you.

Any sales related activity will involve keeping track of a lot of information in order to maintain your happy and healthy relationships with customers. Same applies to Forex Brokers sales activities. There are many different Forex CRMs available when it comes to satisfy your client’s needs. Each of them may offer variety of features but for the trader the main aim is to have a source of true information of his customers. This will in turn simplify the workflow and at the end of the day there will be no loop holes for any reason.

Today we will discuss about hosting of the CRM for your organization. As you know there are two ways one can host the CRM. One is Hosting on Cloud and another is self hosting. To choose the right one between these two has always been a big debate for traders. Let us understand these in brief first.

Cloud Hosting of CRM:

In Cloud Hosting, the software is installed over the internet which is owned and managed by some third party organization. When Software applications are clubbed with cloud hosting it is also referred to as SAAS (Software as a Service).

Self Hosting of CRM:

In Self Hosting, also known as premises or local hosting, the software is installed and accessed by the organizations own server.

Decide either self or cloud hosting

Now when we are deciding on cloud or self-hosting, it will depend on the organization as each is different and will have unique requirements. This decision may come up with many questions and queries regarding your existing network and server infrastructure; or the capital to purchase new infrastructure; or the capital to upgrade and replace infrastructure. Also it is important to know if you have enough technical knowledge and resources, you would need a secure data center as well.

Comparison to analyze the advantages and disadvantages:

Feature Cloud Hosting Self Hosting
Infra Structure Yearly cost which is smaller and depends on utilization of resources Every 3-4 years, you can expect a need of large cost of infrastructure and network servers
Facilities Included cost in cloud hosting Secured data center required with facilities of power, cooling, networking and 24/7 monitoring
Human Resources Included cost in cloud hosting Responsible for hiring highly technical team of system administrators
Control and Speed Limited control over infrastructures but servers can be quickly removed or added for required speed Complete control over infrastructures but it needs to be purchased, installed and configured
Disaster Recovery Servers can be configured in different locations Different data centers required for server installations
Internet Require a very good connection Not required if existing intranet which is cheaper and faster
Security Included in cost of hosting Strong physical security needed
Responsibility Cloudhosting provider bares the complete responsibility Needs complete responsibility for any issues
Maintenance Included in cost of hosting Regulare maintenance and software upgrades required

Based on the comparison and analyzing advantages and disadvantages of cloud and self hosting, many Forex traders these days are migrating their software systems to cloud hosting because it has been proved that cloud hosting has been more cost effective, flexible, secure and trustworthy as far as long term business is concerned.

We, at Cloudforex, would recommend the trader to go with their own cloud hosting as it is more cost effective option in terms of infrastructure, human resource, Facility costs, Disaster recovery, scalability, security and maintenance. In self hosting all these costs would be the organizations own responsibilities where as in cloud hosting these all would be included in hosting cost and trader will not have to worry about any of them.

For more detail Skype us at Calvin.Pheasantech or log on to www.cloudforexcrm.com

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