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Explained, how CRM is a bridge between the BROKERS and the TRADERS!

Forex trading a huge global arena where traders can crack a deal in foreign exchange. Forex brokers act as a connecting link between traders and market. It is legal and you need to obtain certain licenses and permissions from competent authorities. Forex trading offers high liquidity, instant transaction, favourable market regulations and self-regulatory broking experience.

Sounds interesting?

You can create your own forex trading platform and offer traders a great trading experience while growing your business too. You can create a trader’s room where your team of brokers, can interact with the traders. One of the reasons why traders increasingly stop using services of a particular brokers, is bad trading experience. You must have a CRM if you want to give your traders a good overall experience.

Why CRM is important?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It is a system of acquiring, tracking and monitoring the existing clients and potential traders. You can manage all your interactions form this one system i.e. CRM. It is a unit of the total package you need to create an awesome trading platform…

1. Website design and management, 2. Trader’s room and 3. CRM

More importantly, CRM is the place where all your traders are together, it becomes easier to do broking with a good CRM.

How CRM is a bridge between the TRADER and the BROKER?

1. Bridge of communication

With the CRM’s help, your team can better manage the sales processes. Your team can identify the potential forex traders who would like to get onboard your trading platform. Also, CRM allows you to manage the relationship with the existing customers as well. This way, CRM acts as a bridge between you – the BROKER and them – the TRADERS.

2. Bridge of technology

The traders need to use technology such as MT4 While Label. A broker firm offers the traders a chance to foray into international forex trading, through their own website or application. Also, through the trader’s room, you can equip the traders with their own dashboard where they can analyse and evaluate their trading activities. Contact Cloud Forex Team, if you want to be a bridge of technology in forex industry.

3. Bridge of security

Forex trading is an international business and it involves foreign money. Which is why security is one of the most important factors for any forex trading business. You need to keep your forex trading platform CRM, safe from internal leaking of any information as well as from outer security threats. A bridge of trust between trader and broker is important.

4. Bridge of support

Just creating a forex broking platform is never enough. You’ll need to update your platform and advertise your platform constantly to stay ahead of the competition. Through CRM, your teams can interact with the traders and sort their issues out faster. Also, while managing the broker business, you’ll need support for including/ removing features on the platform.

5. Bridge of money

Of course, the transactions and trading involve money. All the traders as well as all the brokers would want to earn from the liquidity of the forex exchanges. A CRM is the one place where you can get the money that you have earned through safe and secure electronic payments. All you need to do is integrate a payment method with your trading platform.

Cloud Forex offer you the entire package of Trader’s Room Development, Mobile App for Trader's Room and CRM Development. If you think you can be a forex broker, contact us to get a quote for creating a forex trading platform for you.


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