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Explained: the most amazing module of forex CRM - Account Management

There was a time when organizations needed to manage the clients, manually! There were files and figures, and a lot of confusion. Not anymore! These are the times of technology. These days, client manage themselves. You just need to give them the IT infrastructure that they need. Most of the account management functions can be put on automation on a forex trading platform.

When traders geton board with your forex broking platform, they expect you to offer online functionalities and speed. At the same time, a broker needs to manage multiple account holders at once. So, you need to get a system that is capable of offering these both things to your forex trading portal.

What is Account Management in Forex CRM?

Let’s make it clear in the very beginning. This is different from the ‘Managed Forex Accounts’! In this type of trading, the account holders employ professional account managers to do the trading on their behalf. What we are talking about is – Account Management Functions of a forex trading portal.

Account Management is a very basic module of any Forex trading portal – which deals with the tasks related to every individual trader on your portal. The Account Management Module includes features such as Live Account Activity Management, Dynamic Account Types, Demo Accounts, Account Overview, Account Trading History, Different Trends, Multi-Currency Updates. So, we will go through all the features of Account Management on a forex trading platform.

Account Analytics:

Every trader wants to know more about the trading traits and overview of the his/ her activity. Analytics allow the traders to make informed decisions and when they win, you win too.

Payment Gateway:

Forex trading needs backing of existing banking and payments systems. And this is the point where all the traders feel a little nervous. This allows the trades to link the payment trails.

Demo Accounts:

The platforms may allow the new traders to create a DEMO ACCOUNT to explore the world of forex trading, without much risk. This allows them to experience the facilities of aforex platform.

Trading History:

The traders have the right to browse through their trading history. This is the main principle of transparency in forex trading. The Account Management module needs to take care of it.

Live Notifications:

The world is trading live 24 X 7, so any trader need to be up to date with the latest development in the forex trading world as well as his/ her trading account on your forex trading platform.

Multi-account Manager:

There are many possibilities that a trader is managing multiple account at once, or there are group of traders active on your portal. You must offer them tools to manage multiple accounts.

Actionable Insights:

The updates from forex trading market regarding trends, geo-political gossips and analytical insight is their biggest strength. It allows the traders to predict and strategize their trading.

On-the-go trading:

Account Management must be available from any device, from anywhere. A good trading portal offers total convenience and allows the traders to trade on-the-go, without any glitches.

Cloud Forex CRM is an amazing IT solution developed by Pheasantech. With Cloud Forex CRM, you get total support in setting up your own forex broking business and promoting it at the global level. You don’t need to worry about Account Management because the system makes it so much easier for the traders and your management team to use it. Get in touch with us on info@cloudforexcrm.com or request a free demo here.


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