Features Of Forex Trader’s Room

Forex CRM is at the base of any Forex Brokerage Firm. It is only CRM that can make the firm stand out in this competitive and evolving market. In order to have the best out of CRM, it is must to have an interactive website along with an amazing software. Both, the software and website should be interactive enough to hold the visitor and provide the best to the trader/visitor.

One of the major points that need to be considered by any Forex Broker, is the facility of Trader’s Room. This is a point where all the traders get an individual login and access to the necessary details.

There are various features of Forex Trader’s Room that should be taken into consideration.

Features Of Forex Trader’s Room

1. Online Wallet

For each and every trader that is registered, there should be an individual wallet that is allotted. This Online Wallet acts as a bridge between funds and trading. This online wallet can be helpful in managing numerous transactions smoothly. The variety of transactions include MT4 to online wallet or vice versa, internal transactions between online wallets, online wallets, and IB commissions, etc.

2. Payment Portal

The payment portal plays a crucial role as it involves monetary transactions. There should be 100% security and safety during the transaction. There are various options to choose from like Debit Card, Credit Card, Online Banking, PayPal, Skrill etc. The trader can choose the option that is convenient without any fear of data loss or insecurity.

3. Multi-level Introductory Brokers

A proper design is to be made to define the hierarchies of the Introductory Brokers. This is a major feature as maintaining a proper record of the IB is must as it would lead to the calculation of the rebate and commission. If the data is not managed properly, there can be errors in rebate and commission calculation thereby making the functioning unclear.

4. Mobile Apps

In order to allow easy access and operation of the application, it is necessary to introduce a Mobile App for the same. Use of the trader’s room features should be easily available on mobile too. The solution should be designed in a way that it enhances the user experience having easy navigation features. There is no need to have a desktop or laptop to trade anymore, the process has become mobile with the help of mobile apps.

5. Online Notification

At the time of trading, it is a must to have the updated data and not the outdated one. There would be numerous functions like deposit or withdrawal to and from the account, etc. In order to allow smooth functioning, the online notification can be of real help. Therefore, it is one of the most required features.

6. Effective Reports

Various reports can be generated as per the requirements. The trader can have monthly, weekly, yearly or quarterly reports. There are also analytic reports i.e. the reports that can help in analyzing a particular thing. These reports mainly consist of account reports, deposit reports, IB reports, Withdrawal report, online wallet transactions report, etc.

7. No Language Barrier

The trader may be using the platform/service from any location. He may or may not be able to interpret a language if belongs to some other location. Keeping this point in mind, it is necessary to have a feature that consists of various languages which can help in smooth functioning without any barriers. There will be no need to access/use another software or website due to this barrier

8. Online Support

Many-a-times, the trader faces certain issues during the trading. They may need support immediately in order to carry on with their transactions. In that case, there is a ticketing system for support. The issue is noted in the ticket and resolved at the earliest by the experienced and dedicated support team.


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