Five Important Features of Our Campaign Module That Will Serve All Your E-Mail Marketing Purposes

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Five Important Features of Our Campaign Module That Will Serve All Your E-Mail Marketing Purposes

Five Important Features of Our Campaign Module That Will Serve All Your E-Mail Marketing Purposes

Every Forex broker looks for a cost effective way to increase their lead conversion rate and to retain their existing customers. Email Marketing has become a crucial source of communication for any business and it has no exception for Forex Brokerage industry. And when your Forex Brokerage CRM already has a separate module to send emails for marketing, you are sorted in this life!!

So today, we are talking about a dedicated module called Campaign Module of Cloud Forex CRM which makes Forex email marketing work for you. When you have such intelligently designed module in your CRM and a target audience in your mind, so you already on the edge of actually sending those emails which can convert your leads into business.

Let us focus on five main features of E-mail Campaign Module which makes a Brokers life easy.

Inexpensive Way of Marketing:

Email marketing has got a big benefit of being low cost compared to any other marketing channel or traditional direct marketing campaigns. Even if you assign a third party to distribute, track and manage your e-mail marketing campaigns you end up paying a lot less than paying for a magazine or television broadcast.

Highly Target Based Marketing:

When you send unsolicited e-mails you automatically brighten your chances to damage your brand’s image. So sending an email to someone who has requested for receiving the same, or sending emails to the leads which you find are potential to get business would increase your chances of conversion automatically. With our campaign module you can target leads which needs to be converted or even you can select group of existing clients for some advertising or you can choose the traders who have not yet deposited in your account. Also you can run campaigns based on region or according to instrument they most often trade and so on.

Easy to Create Campaigns:

With Cloud Forex’s Campaign Module you do not need any team of designers or IT professionals to create e-mail campaigns for you. Here, you just need to fill basic detail like campaign Name, Expected Close date, Budget cost, Expected revenue, Expected ROI, Target Audience, Target Size etc. and then select the group of people from your CRM database and get going. Also you get great looking templates which include pictures and videos. All you need is a great content.

Easily Modified E-Mails:

With the e-mails, one can easily do modifications like changing the wordings, CTAs (Call to Action) etc. and test your emails in smaller batches as well. There is no additional cost of printing. If you feel your campaign is not working as you expected, you can easily make some changes and go ahead.

Phenomenal ROI with E-Mail Marketing:

According to a study by Direct Marketing Association in 2011, the typical returns on an email marketing campaign is 40 times the investment which is a fantastic return compare to any other media of marketing. So why not use Campaign Module and increase your chances of getting improved ROI?

To get a feel of our E-mail Campaign Module in a live demo session, contact us at or skype us at


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