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Have a Hassle-Free Migration Process To A New Forex CRM!!

Forex Brokers may choose to migrate their Forex CRM for many reasons. May be it is because of their current CRM software’s low performance, high maintenance costs, lack of software integration with third-party sales and marketing services, or data loss. Whatever may be the reason but losing the important data and customer information is a huge loss for a Forex Broker.

Here, the thing which every Broker has to understand is migrating from one system to another is not as simple as moving the files on your computer from one folder to another. It involves a complex process with a lot of preparation and analysis to make sure no data is lost during the migration.

The biggest challenge about migrating from one CRM to another is improper knowledge of the migration process. The Forex CRM provider you have chosen may look fine from outside but after all its inside that always matters the most!! You need to investigate that if the technology your CRM provider is claiming works actually for your requirement? Would you be able to get the data appearance in the way you require? Wouldn't your IB structure lose the track? And what if any important information be lost along the process of migration?

It’s a really crucial time for brokers when they have to make a decision with a new Forex CRM software provider due to the stress and anxiety because of a new provider. The broker would sometimes feel burden to have the right CRM provider for the migration process to work successfully within a given timeline, that is why it becomes very important that the Broker gives his brokerage in expert and experienced Forex CRM provider. Below are some of the points you should have checked to ensure a speedy, seamless, and successful migration process.

  • Have proper information of the provider you are choosing

    It is better ask questions like how many companies are they handling currently? What king of routine problems they face while migrating? Is there any guarantee of not losing my exclusive data? Can you provide references from other companies where you have worked? A professional CRM provider would be able to answer all your queries and keep your worries and anxieties away.

  • You should have an idea of the whole process

    Better to keep the idea of the step by step process well before deciding the provider. You should know what are the steps and order of the process, what documents required from your side, checklist of the points which needs to be focused during the process

  • Better to know the time limit in advance

    If you know how much time in total the migration process would take, you can plan your business in realistic way.

  • Keep all the detail handy

    You should know what tools and services your service provider is going to use and how they are going to match your data in their CRM modules. Also the work flows should be available to you for easy understanding of working of the CRM and periodic training of the newly added features should be given to your team.

  • Use your wisdom to choose the right one

    Apart from all the above points, ultimately it will be you- the Broker - who has to use his wisdom and make a right decision to appoint the right service provider for your migration process.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your migration process from your existing CRM to Cloud Forex CRM.

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