How A Client Cabinet Mobile Application Be A Handy Tool for Your Traders?

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How A Client Cabinet Mobile Application Be A Handy Tool for Your Traders?

How A Client Cabinet Mobile Application Be A Handy Tool for Your Traders?

Mobile is the ultimate way of most of our day to day services these days, the forex industry leaders had predicted in early years that the turnover of mobile transactions would increase tremendously in coming years.

There are variousfunctionalities of apps, and till date no field is untouched where the mobile applications are not contributing plenty of advantages to its users.So, why not having a mobile app for your forex Client Cabinet? Well, with Cloud Forex CRM, you do not have to worry as we have a Client Cabinet Mobile App, with which you are just a hand away from your business.

Our Client Cabinet Mobile App is a special facility developed specifically for traders to let them manage their own trading accounts with an ease. This App can help you manage your account and keep track of your trades with power and convenience.

The Client Cabinet is basically a profile access created for every individual traders to reduce any technical barriers and provide ability to trade with ease. The basic features of the App are:


The dynamic dashboard gives you a quick view of Live Account, Demo Account, Deposit, Withdrawal, Wallet Balance, IB Commission etc. all at one glance.

My wallet

You can have a look at all Wallet in /Wallet out Transactions.

KYC Documents

Have a look at your KYC activities and check if anything is pending for approval.


View all your Demo, Live, IB Accounts, Leverage History, Trades and Account Transactions.


At one fingertip touch, you can manage your Transactions, Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfers and view the summary.


For the issues you are facing, you can quickly create Tickets. Also you get standard FAQ to solve small issues.

With its ease to use and high functionality, Cloud Forex CRM Client Cabinet or Trader’s Room Mobile Application brings many benefits along such as:

Supports both platforms

Be it IOS or Android platform, you can now deploy your own Forex Trading Mobile App on both the available platforms.

Efficient Account Management

Being an active Trader, you can manage and modify your accounts using your smart phone.

Easy, Quick, Safe and Secure payment with just a click

We have different payment gateways integrated with the CRM System, so use any of the convenient method.

Multiple Language Support

In this global trading world, our Mobile App for Client Cabinet supports multiple languages making trading super comfy.

Convenient for IB Account Management

With our Mobile App, you can quickly share your referral link or code to any of your social media account.

With such dynamic features of the Client Cabinet Mobile App, it will indeed be a handy tool for the traders. With this responsive, easy and flexible Application you can have all the features of your Trader’s Room on the mobile device with:

  • User friendly interface
  • Manage your account from anywhere anytime
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal
  • Diverse IB Management

So, if you are willing to experience the power of your smart phone in terms of growing your business, Cloud Forex Client Cabinet Mobile App (integrated with the CRM) is the solution.

Contact us for getting on board at or skype at calvin.pheasantech

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