How A Forex CRM Can Amplify ROI?

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How A Forex CRM Can Amplify ROI?

How A Forex CRM Can Amplify ROI?

What’s the proof of a successful business? Well it very well lies in the hands of ROI!! Similarly, Return on your Investment is one of the major factors to be considered when you purchase and deploy a full-fledged CRM. According to the Nucleus Research Case Studies, on every dollar spent, on an average a company earns $ 8.71 as ROI. Though this is a general case, it is not always guaranteed that you will earn this much from your specific Forex CRM.

Our clients know that how important their CRM is for segregating database based on any criteria and how informative the CRM is for organizing upcoming events. A full-fledged functional CRM can divide the clients based on either their locations, their trading activity, their lead source or the instrument they are trading. Overall, we have understood from our studies is that you can generate more ROI from the Forex CRM by personalizing the data as much as possible and categorize it in required format.

How one can get more personalized with clients by using the Forex CRM:

Based On the Activities of a Trader:

For example, if you would like to run a campaign related to gold trading, you can simply generate a custom report with list of traders who have traded in gold in recent days. Based on the report you can run the campaign from your emailing platform to these traders and inform them regarding some upcoming activities in those trades.

Filter Data from Your CRM:

If you have a database with various customer profiles, you can prepare endless lists based on the new clients, old clients or based on the communications you have done with a particular customer. And then run an email campaign. You can also check the performance of your campaign by following up again or resending the emails to same target and enhance the benefits of trading.

Sending Personalized Messages On Client’s Portal:

By now you have understood how CRM data can be used for campaigning on personal level with the clients. Now to improve the ROI further, Client’s portal personalization is useful for boosting the experience of the trader. When a trader is on client’s portal and checking his deposits and trades, you can send personalized messages to notify him about some new actions they can take or show them some relevant information which helps them enhance their trading experience. You can show your client instrument specific promotions, analysis reports, economic calendars based in their region etc. Similarly, with the help of Client Cabinet Mobile App, you can notify the client with various offers and personalized messages while he is on the move.

Brokers Sales Team and Other Agents Should Make Most of It:

While using the Forex CRM, the broker’s sales team should be aware and informed about their trader’s activities. It will help reaching the sales targets and also will assist to manage the potentials leads well. By studying the profile of each lead or existing customer, the sales team can make notes of a particular trader’s interests and character and create a personalized relationship with the trader. Also team can extract daily reports to know the activities of IBs and sub IBs. This way you can check the performance on individual level. This way you can notify the IB to pick up or reward him for great performance as well.

So if you think that boosting ROI from your CRM is the thing you are looking for, you must have a Powerful Forex CRM which can help you reach your target clients and existing clients. Also you should be able to benefit from the email campaign module, ticketing module, Advanced IB Module and take advantages from successful campaigns. The Cloud Forex CRM and Client Cabinet with its Mobile Application is the one stop solution for you.

For further detail, contact us on or skype at calvin.pheasantech

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