How AI is transforming the overall employee experience in Forex CRM

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How AI is transforming the overall employee experience in Forex CRM

How AI is transforming the overall employee experience in Forex CRM

First of all, we need to be clear about, why employee experience is important at all? They say ‘To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace’. Because sales is no longer a cakewalk in this digital era. Your team will decide how much business you do and how much you’ll earn. This is true for forex broking too. A comfortable and well-organized workplace will enhance productivity of the team and motivate them. For a forex broking sales team, this workplace is Forex CRM.

And with the Artificial Intelligence, the productivity can reach to unimaginably higher levels. And this happens in a superfast system, through well-defined channels and with much more ease. AI has enabled the forex broking organizations to reach out to more people and simultaneously stay connected with all the existing traders on board.

Your sales team needs to know what are your customers’ needs and have the ability to communicate with them effectively. The AI technology can help them doing just that.

Here are the biggest transformations brought by AI in the forex CRM and employee experience…

1. Seamless 24X7 Accessibility

The most important factors for a sales team are: access to Data and Connectivity. The team needs to constantly receive data from and add data into the system, so that the relevant teams can act on them. Also, the team needs to communicate with the fellow team members and customers as well. AI technology helps in keeping the data updated and accessible. Also, it enables easy connectivity from all types of smart devices which empowers the team to crack more leads.

2. Automated Communication

Innovations such as Chatbot and Virtual Assistants have made the internal communication easier for the employees. For example, using AI an organization can reduce the IT Asset Management ticket raises by 65%. If there are any technical issues that your sales team facing, it can be resolved using chatbots. So, the communication within the organization can be automated with the help of AI. This makes the processes faster and smoother, raking in more and more opportunities.

3. Real-time Data Processing

Everyone knows, the amount of data available in today’s times, can not be possibly processed by human brain, or a bunch of brains. The biggest task at hand is to process the data and give the inputs to the team whenever they need it or what is relevant to them. AI gives speed and consistency in the data management. For the current traders on board, the team can see their activity charts and offer them the best possible solution. For the potential traders, AI helps in maintaining the status of the leads.

4. Effective Lead Management

Lead scoring and lead distribution can be automated using the AI. The AI can learn the way every employee is managing the leads and distribute the leads accordingly. Also, it can organize the information about the source analysis, strength analysis and sentiment analysis of the lead. Using this information, the team can prioritize the strong lead, understand the mood of the interaction and offer the ideal service to the potential customers. Forex CRM equipped with the AI is the booster for your sales team.

5. Faster Customer Service

Whenever your client needs to communicate with the team, the worst thing is that they have to wait for the replay to the email or availability of the executive on call. Rather, the AI can automate the process and communicate with the customer as a first step. Traders on your trading platform can use the virtual assistants or chatbots to get the service they want. The need to engage with an employee is reduced to a great extent by AI, through the use of automation for reducing response time.

In any case, CRM is the one essential tool that evert forex trading platform needs. Not just to give a good response to the potential customers, but also give a great experience to the sales team. AI improves the capability of the CRM and the sales team by manyfolds, as you read above biggest transformation of brought about by the AI in forex CRM. If you are looking for a forex CRM for your own forex broking business, Cloud Forex CRM is the best option. Cloud Forex CRM has been developed by the Pheasantech and numerous trading platforms such as MB Alliance Limited, Fin Pro Holdings INC, Cube Forex and GCC Brokers have already implemented. You can request for a free demo or you can contact Cloud Forex CRM over email on


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