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How Can The Right Forex CRM Help Convert More Leads into Traders?

Being a Forex Broker, your main objective is to get a maximum number of active clients. To achieve this, the broker has to work hard to convert the leads coming on his way to potential customers who deposit funds in their trading accounts. Though the broker can achieve this by different ways, to make the optimum usage of the available resources and achieve the goal is the best possible way.

Having only the best trading platform will not make you a successful broker unless you have a strong back-end tool for your sales team. There are various tools available in the market but Forex CRM tops the list so far. Here we have to understand why you should use a Best Forex CRM to convert more leads into Traders. Let us see what to look for in a Forex CRM to get maximum benefits out of it.

A single latest technology tool that will satisfy the whole Forex Brokerage Management:

For any brokerage business, generating lead and managing it efficiently and managing existing clients and retaining them with satisfaction is the most important activity. This is the reason why Forex CRM is a combination of many different tools.

In the Forex CRM, you should be able to view leads and existing clients separately so that the sales team can divide the tasks based on the information found from the CRM. This way you can divide your sales team into lead generation and management and client management and retention. Also the history of interactions with leads as well as clients should be documented in the CRM so that taking follow ups and actions becomes easy. Also, if the broker can provide some attractions like First Time Deposit Bonus or something else, it appeals to the traders and would in turn engage them for more time on your platform.

Sales Optimisation and onboarding of a new client:

The operation, Optimization, and management of the whole sales process is very important for a Brokerage. There has to be a dashboard which shows all the information like the number of leads and deposited clients, Net deposit, and conversion rate, etc. Also, there has to be a module for email campaigns where the broker would be able to do mass emailing. This module helps get more leads converted into traders.

Enhanced Marketing abilities:

For a Broker connecting with his traders is a very important and crucial step for conversion and retention. By having forms on your website which are integrated with the CRM and using built-in banners to promote special offers etc., you can give a massive impact on your customers. Sending automated emails straight from the CRM about some important information or promoting some scheme will catch the attention of more traders and will definitely boost the retention rate.

Reduce risk and cost and save time with Advanced Technology automation:

Forex CRM is an example of Technology automation at its best. It allows brokers to analyze Trader’s activities, generating reports and registration links for more clients and sub-IBs. It is because of technology and automation that the management of a highly growing number of leads and clients and sales teams has become manageable. Every lead and client is entertained and all the queries are answered, increasing your customer satisfaction. Thanks to Automation!

Multi-level IB:

To offer an IB is an excellent way to attract and engage an existing trader. The Forex CRM should be able to offer multi-level IB up to N number of sub-IBs. This will make clients earn more commission and in turn bring more business to the broker.

Various payment gateways and seamless management of funds:

In a high-tech CRM, multiple popular payment gateways should be integrated to offer a safe and convenient payment option to the traders. The payment procedures should be faster, less expensive, and with fewer formalities.

Optimize Broker’s business with intelligent activities:

If the Forex CRM shows the number of active accounts, net deposit, number of IBs, most profitable client, total profit per day, etc. in detail quickly, the broker can make decisions, take necessary actions and adapt to the industry trends. This in turn limits the risk of losses for brokers and optimizes his business.

Easy Compliance process:

Forex Broker’s CRM should be easy in terms of onboarding and compliance efforts. Features like KYC are a must for any CRM. This way the broker's team will be able to monitor clients’ activities, manage transactions, track KYC protocols and finish compliance activities easily.

That is why the right Forex CRM which is specifically designed for a Forex Brokerage Business, should have all the necessary tools a broker needs to capture optimum information from a lead and convert it into a trader.

Still, if you are not sure what you should consider for your brokerage business CRM, you can contact us at www.pheasantech.com or skype us at https://join.skype.com/invite/PDjMZB2m6shc


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