How Cloud Forex CRM Support Process Works?

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How Cloud Forex CRM Support Process Works?

How Cloud Forex CRM Support Process Works?

We – at Cloud Forex – believe that customer support is not only a term but it is a base of our whole organization. As per our experience in Forex CRM field, we have learnt that giving support to our client is as good as doing a new marketing. Because a client or customer will never forget how we make them feel. Our strong customer support is what makes us stand out of other businesses.

Here, Customer Support means our Cloud Forex CRM Support System!! Once a client is onboard with us, it is our duty to provide him with the best solution in the form of a Forex CRM that will fulfill all his sales and marketing related needs. At the same time, we focus on long term relationships with our clients so we are equipped with a client-friendly support system. Let’s see how our Support process works.

Get Access To Support System:

Once we deploy a CRM for you, we provide access to our support portal along with a dedicated id and password (which we don’t store it anywhere). Every time you have an issue using CRM or any of your traders’ is facing any challenges while using the Cabinet, you can login to the support portal and convey your concern to us.

Use In-Built FAQ Module:

We have built in list of standard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers ready for you. If you have any queries which is included in our FAQs, it becomes easier for you to resolve the same.

Create a Ticket:

Apart from the standard queries, if you have an issue which is not covered in our FAQs, for example, some server issues, training purpose or any other problems; you can create a ticket along with the files, documents, screenshots, etc. attached from the portal. We will get the notification as soon as you create the ticket and we will assign the same to our team and try to resolve the issue within 12-24 working hours.

The plus point is, at different Status of Tickets, being it Open, In Progress, Resolved, you’ll be notified via e-mail.

Get Support From Our Dedicated Team:

At Cloud Forex, we have an expert team which is especially dedicated for all support related tasks. Our trained and experienced support team members always try to be in touch and resolve your issues within the time limit.

CRM Flow Documents:

Once your CRM is deployed successfully, we provide you with all the work flow documents related to different modules of the CRM and Client Cabinet. These documents provide information on how to use each and every module so that you can minimize the chances of errors while using the CRM and can save your precious time. Even if these documents don’t solve your purpose, you can always create a ticket and notify us with your issue and our dedicated team will always be ready to help you.

To know more about Cloud Forex CRM Support Process, please contact us at or skype us at


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