How CRM Will Boost Your Revenue By Seizing Leads & Contacts Once You Run Contests Or Develop Landing Pages

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How CRM Will Boost Your Revenue By Seizing Leads & Contacts Once You Run Contests Or Develop Landing Pages

How CRM Will Boost Your Revenue By Seizing Leads & Contacts Once You Run Contests Or Develop Landing Pages

There are a lot of people who are actively looking for a genuine broker who can get them online access to the Forex Market without hassles. Being a Forex Broker don’t you want to grab the opportunity and introduce new members to your list of clients? This is exactly what Forex's live and demo contests and landing page can do for you!

By holding contests on your website or by designing an attractive landing page, you can keep your existing traders active as well as approach a hell lot of prospective or aspiring Forex traders. It is not mandatory to always provide Forex Trading contests bonus opportunities by holding contests. The Broker can set his own set of terms and conditions. You may or may not provide contest opportunities with or without money.

At Cloud Forex CRM, we can help you integrate your contest entries or landing page inquiries with CRM backend so that you get the database of new prospective ready in your hands and go ahead with your sales and marketing strategies to win the clients. Here, we explain to you a few important points to keep in mind before holding any contest or landing page.

  • You, as a broker, must understand that the contests are a trick to reach out to a maximum number of your existing traders as well as aspiring traders.
  • The contest is an effective way to get a trader to earn money via commissions or fees but on the contrary, the broker should not have anything to lose.
  • The contest should run daily, weekly or bi-weekly, or monthly basis to keep the traders engaged.
  • The traders should be able to join the contest with less or no investment so that you can reach out to a maximum number of them.
  • Keep compulsory registration to enter a contest and get the required detail like Name, Email, Contact Number, etc. so that you can contact them later for your sales and marketing purpose.
  • You should keep prizes for winners of the contest like cash or other prizes. You can reward your top trader or sometimes top 5 or 10 traders to motivate them and get more business.
  • As the traders do not have to lose anything by participating in the contests they will not hesitate to participate. At the same time, as a broker, you increase your chances to get a maximum number of traders on board. So this is a win-win situation for all of us.

Being humans, we always love competitions, and Forex Brokers can successfully apply this method to help the traders as well as helping themselves by getting more and more new leads and ultimately boosting their revenues.

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