How to select the best CRM IB MODULE and CRM PROVIDER for Forex Brokerage?

If you are thinking about being a forex broker! Then you need TWO things – sound financial backup and a good network online as well as on the ground. The second one is actually the most difficult part. So, let’s understand why?

When you launch your forex trading platform first thing you need to do is - manage the sales effectively and get maximum traders on board. Because they give the money! You can use Forex CRM to manage all your sales functions. Basically, CRM means Customer Relationship Management. So, starting from promotions to managing conversations with the audience, carrying out the registration process, and managing all their query while they are trading… Cloud Forex CRM helps you streamline all these tasks and help your sales team manage them effectively.

Another important aspect is the IB module. IB stands for Independent Brokers. You also need to get IBs on board because they give you additional volume. Independent Brokers have their own network which you can leverage by letting IBs trade using your platform. So, you need to select the CRM which gives a strong IB module.


How to select the bestForex CRM IB Module? And

How to select the best Forex CRM provider in the world?

Features of the ideal CRM IB Module:

The IB module allows you to manage the affiliates such as Independent Brokers. This is the gateway to scaling up your business. IBs make a great impact on the business volume so you need to select the CRM IB Module which offers these features.

1. Multi-level IB Partners

Through this feature, you can add multiple IBs under one IB. In fact, the any IB module should give you freedom to assign as many Sub IBs as you need.

2. Rewards & Incentive Slabs

You can assign different levels to IBs as per their performance, using this feature. Considering factors such as no. of clients introduced, volume traded and lots traded, etc.

3. Self-help Interface for IBs

IBs can monitor and manage their own performance through this feature. This way, IBs can put requests and report issues which your team can address.

4. Payment Management

This feature helps in maintaining transparency in all the transactions with IBs. It takes care of the calculation of earnings and disbursal of payments into linked accounts.

5. Data &Analytical Reports

This feature helps you in defining a strategy for the future. It includes analysis of the performances of IBs and way to identify strong and weak points in the network.

Qualities of the best CRM Providers:

CRM is the backbone of sales operations of a forex trading platform. But it is a technology-based IT product, at the end of the day! It has to be constantly upgraded and maintained by professionals. So, select a CRM provider who can offer you these qualities.

1. Free Demo

If you are going to select a CRM, you should always check it out yourself through a demo. Many companies offer free demo which you can compare and select.

2. Hosting Facility

This is the one quality that trumps all other. If you don’t have to worry about the servers and its security, you can focus on doing business.

3. Customized Packages

The features and facilities of the CRM should be scalable and customized as per your requirements. You should get options such as Seeding/Start Up/ Growing level packages.

4. All-round Support

Setting up a forex trading platform requires so many different patch-ups with banking, regulatory bodies, social media platforms, etc. The CRM provider should be able to guide you in that.

5. Experience & Manpower

The portfolio describes a CRM provider’s experience and capabilities. An ideal CRM provider should have the experience of doing 5 projects in last 5 years.

Cloud Forex CRM is a brainchild of Pheasantech. Cloud Forex CRM offers you comprehensive set of features that you need to launch your own forex trading platform. Be if a start-up or an enterprise level project, Cloud Forex CRM gives you total customized CRM. You can trust the security of your data as well as your clients’ data with Cloud Forex CRM. Thinking about being a forex broker? Contact Cloud Forex CRM on Skype or send an email to info@cloudforexcrm.com.


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