How Would You Search For Your Ideal Forex CRM?

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How Would You Search For Your Ideal Forex CRM?

How Would You Search For Your Ideal Forex CRM?

It is always better to have a well crafted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for successful brokerage business. As the Forex Market is very competitive and fast moving, CRM has become an integral part of keeping up with the growing business and to match the increasing demands of this industry. Forex CRM is the key to providing the best customer service and managing all new and existing clients. Because of increasing demand and the fast pace of the brokerage business, there are many players in the Forex CRM market. As a broker, you get so many options to choose from and it becomes a challenge to select an ideal Forex CRM for your business. To have a feel of a complete broker management solution, you need to focus on choosing the right CRM for your brokerage. Your Forex CRM system must have a trader's room, back office tools, partner portals etc.

Here we have a list of features you can look for while searching for your ideal Forex CRM:

  • Platform independent: The CRM should be able to function on any platform and should be integrated easily.
  • Efficient Sales Support: Each lead in the CRM should show the detail like lead source, contact detail etc. and the status of communication as well.
  • Multilevel IB management: It should have the tool to calculate rebates and commissions when there are more than one level of partners involved.
  • Compliance Tools: Look for the CRM which provides compliance tools like KYC so that you can track if your clients have submitted the documents.
  • Accurate track of communication: To improve your relationship with your clients and new leads, you need to track the communications from beginning to end. The CRM must have a feature like comments or current status where your team can mention the latest activity happened with that lead.
  • Dynamic Reports generation: It should be easy to generate reports on leads, revenue, trading statistics, dividends, and more.
  • Seamless customization of your brand: CRM should allow you to customize your Client Cabinet with your logo and colour scheme of your choice to have a neat and clear appearance.
  • Forex CRM solution provider's background: Prefer a service provider who is only into software and technology business and not into Forex Brokerage so that there is no threat of stealing your precious data.
  • Hassle-free integration of various payment gateways: Look for the CRM which can accommodate most of the common payment gateways so that the payments are immediately processed and client does not have to wait.
  • Independent availability of software and services: The CRM provider should not force you for his other services as well. Instead, he should introduce other service providers and assist you with different requirements for your brokerage.
  • Management of data based on various categories: You should be able to divide and categorize the data based on various categories like country, annual income etc.

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