Identify the Type of Forex CRM that Suits Your Business Needs

Bill Gates once quoted regarding CRM, “How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”

Doesn’t this sound perfect in today’s era where the market is full of competition and business environment has become global? It becomes really difficult to maintain the customers and the target sales in such competitive market. The forex brokers must re-consider the basic business strategies when it comes to manage customer relationships. Thanks to the amazing efficiency of CRM, the Forex Trading industry is able to achieve business automation.

Earlier they used to say that the customer is God. Today, this has become the reality of the Forex or any other business. The customer has the power to maintain or ruin any brand or any business. Customer experience and customer satisfaction will become the key which can differentiate between the businesses. And to have a better customer experience, having a Forex CRM is the best solution.

CRM is the tool that brings everything together, and helps you to co-ordinate with your sales team and assist you optimize your interactions with existing clients and potential new leads. There were days when you used simple excel worksheets for doing this, but gone are the days. Modern days are all about data and valuable information. The approach to a possible lead becomes easy with the use of CRM. The sales or service person also will be aware of what the customer is doing and for how long he has spent for trading and finally how happy the customer is with his broker.

Apart from the above, you have to be clear about the work flow, Role Management; IB levels etc. so that you can go for the appropriate option of the CRM.

The CRM systems available in market offer many language options, variety of reports, many payment gateways and Multi currency options. You can opt for the appropriate one based on your requirement.

So choose the right type of CRM based on your business size.

CRM for Brokers with Start-up business 

If you are a broker with less than 1000 users, make sure the CRM you choose would have at least the features as below.

  • Registration
  • KYC Approval
  • Live Account
  • Demo Account
  • Deposits/Withdrawals
  • Basic IB Structure

CRM for Brokers with growing business

For the brokers who already have crossed the start-up and now having client base of up to 3000, you must definitely have the basic features as mentioned for start-up brokers as well as some extra features as below.

  • Advanced IB
  • E-Wallet
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Multilingual

CRM for Brokers who are already established

If you are already in the market for many years and have set up the brokerage business vastly with a number of users more than 3000, you would need to have some special features as you have to manage these many number of clients and it is not an easy job if you do not go for the right CRM. You must have the features we described for start-up as well as growing business along with below mentioned special features.

  • Multi-Currency
  • Role Management
  • Dynamic IB Profiles
  • Real time Widgets
  • Ticketing Module
  • Client Cabinet Mobile Application

We understand that to select a suitable Forex CRM is a challenging task for the broker. You need to understand the customer’s needs as well as you should be able to communicate with the customer efficiently throughout the association. You must have a strategy to develop a CRM for your firm. The choice of CRM may vary based on how you would like to serve your customers and what would you like to deliver on that task. With such discussions, you will be able to decide whether you.

  • Need your own customized CRM or
  • You need to buy a package and customize it as per your requirements or
  • You can have a service which you can rent in the cloud on any other company’s servers.

With us at Cloud forex CRM, any broker, be it start up or growing or established, can find a suitable solution for their requirement. So, if you are looking for a better customer relationship, better customer satisfaction and a happy client base, Cloud forex CRM is the solution for you. Please click here for more detail.


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