Know The Various Tools Available In Cloud Forex CRM

We provide you with a Forex CRM system that combines the components like back office and Trader's Room so that both the broker and trader get access to our high-end functionality. In the back office, we have many important Modules like Lead, Contact, Accounts, Payments, and Support, etc. Today we will discuss about one of the most important modules of our CRM that is the Tools Module. Let us see what services are included in this module.


To promote your Forex Brokerage business, Marketing strategies are very important. And one of them is Email Campaigns. We provide an option to create campaigns for various promotions and other activities. You can categorize your campaign as webinar, conference, trade show, etc., and choose the target audience accordingly. Also, you can decide the expected close date for a particular campaign and let the emails go accordingly to the audience. After running a campaign you can compare the cost, revenue, response, sales count, ROI, etc. in terms of expected and actual results.

Service Providers:

To run your Forex Brokerage business smoothly you need to collaborate with some genuine service providers like white-label, various payment gateways, etc. Here in the Service Providers section, you can view detail of all of your service providers, and also you can add or delete records as per requirement.

Live Acc Mapping and Demo Acc Mapping:

These features are used to map the back-office account name with the account in the manager. You can create a new LiveACC Mapping for a particular server type and a particular account. Select a display account name, currency, start range, and end range, and accordingly that account will be mapped from the manager. The same applies to both live accounts and demo accounts.

Currency Converter:

You may have traders from various countries which use different currencies so here we have this service called currency converter where you can create your own currency converter based on conversion rate and operation type be it deposit or withdrawal.

IB Commission profile:

IB commission is the revenue an IB earns per lot traded by his or her referral. Being a Broker you can add as many commission profiles as you want for your clients. Based on commission type Fix, PIP, or Deposit, you can create a profile with a particular server, account, security, currency, commission eligibility level, etc. Once you have created a profile you can apply the same to a number of IBs you want.

Security Symbol:

We will ask you for a list of your preferred security symbols and configure the same in the CRM in the beginning. Later you can add more security symbols for various server types.

Email Templates:

This section covers all the required emails that will go to the clients at different stages. For example, CRM: password reset, Resend customer portal login details, Invite users, Activity Reminder, etc. Also, brokers can add any email template late on as per their requirements.

Recycle Bin:

All the deleted records and information can be found in the Recycle Bin. To know about more of Cloud Forex CRM Modules, you can contact us at  www.cloudforexcrm.com or Skype us at https://join.skype.com/invite/PDjMZB2m6shc


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