Recent Integration of Payment Gateways: Enhancing our Transaction Processing Capabilities

Recent Integration of Payment Gateways: Enhancing our Transaction Processing Capabilities

Being a Forex Broker, you would wish to provide a safe, quick and easy to use payment system to your clients. At the same time you need to offer a variety of gateways so that your clients can make most of it from anywhere in the world. Basically the payment gateway acts as an interface where one can manage the transaction flow between the clients and the merchants. The payment gateway chosen should satisfy both the trader as well as your Forex business.

Cloud Forex CRM is already equipped with a number of payment gateways that are very safe, secure and easy to use for the traders. We try to update our system from time to time in order to make it more user friendly and secure in terms of financial activities. We would like to highlight a few payment gateways we have recently integrated.


Match2Pay payment gateway revolutionizes the way businesses settle client payments by providing a comprehensive and fully automated solution. With Match2Pay, clients can conveniently transact in cryptocurrencies while still enjoying the option to trade in traditional FIAT currencies.

One of the key features of Match2Pay is its ability to seamlessly track and manage all client payments. Through a dedicated back office, clients using the gateway can effortlessly monitor and book payments on individual accounts, ensuring transparency and streamlined financial operations.

Furthermore, Match2Pay enables the conversion of deposits into various currencies, including USD and stablecoins, before booking them into clients' accounts. These conversions are executed automatically, adapting the rates according to the specific needs of brokers, thus ensuring flexibility and optimal currency management.

With Match2Pay, businesses can embrace the potential of cryptocurrencies while maintaining the convenience of traditional FIAT transactions. It empowers clients with a robust payment solution that combines cutting-edge technology, automated processes, and tailored currency conversions, ultimately enhancing overall transaction efficiency.


Help2Pay payment gateway is a trusted and reliable solution that simplifies online transactions while ensuring utmost security. Designed to cater to the needs of businesses and customers alike, Help2Pay offers a seamless payment experience for a wide range of industries.

With Help2Pay, businesses can provide their customers with a convenient and hassle-free payment method. Customers can securely make payments using various channels, including bank transfers, e-wallets, and cash agents. This diverse payment ecosystem ensures flexibility and accessibility, catering to the preferences of different customer segments.

Moreover, Help2Pay offers a comprehensive reporting system that provides businesses with real-time transaction updates and insights. This enables businesses to monitor and reconcile payments efficiently, streamlining their financial operations and enhancing overall business performance.

Now Payment:

Now Payments is a user-friendly payment gateway that enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments effortlessly. It supports a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies, ensuring flexibility for customers. With robust security measures and reliable transaction processing, Now Payments prioritizes data privacy and protection. The gateway offers features such as real-time payment notifications, customizable buttons, and comprehensive transaction history for streamlined operations. It provides seamless integration options for websites, mobile apps, and e-commerce platforms, making it easy for businesses to incorporate crypto payments. Overall, Now Payments empowers businesses to tap into the benefits of cryptocurrencies and offer a seamless payment experience to their customers.


With Rapyd, businesses can seamlessly integrate the payment gateway into their platforms, websites, or mobile applications, providing a convenient and frictionless payment experience. The gateway supports multiple currencies and enables businesses to accept payments globally, facilitating cross-border transactions.

One of the notable features of Rapyd is its robust fraud prevention and security measures. It leverages advanced technologies and risk management tools to safeguard transactions and protect sensitive customer data, ensuring a secure payment environment.

Rapyd also provides additional services such as disbursements, digital wallets, and compliance solutions, expanding its functionality beyond a traditional payment gateway. These value-added features enable businesses to streamline their payment processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

World Pay:

Worldpay payment gateway is a trusted and feature-rich solution that enables businesses to accept online payments securely and efficiently. With its broad payment method support, robust security measures, seamless integrations, and comprehensive reporting features, Worldpay enhances the payment experience for businesses and their customers.

Worldpay supports various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and alternative payment options, ensuring convenience for customers and maximizing conversion rates. The gateway enables businesses to accept payments from around the world, accommodating global transactions and expanding customer reach.

One of the key strengths of Worldpay is its robust security measures. It adheres to industry-leading standards and utilizes advanced fraud prevention tools to protect against fraudulent activities, safeguarding sensitive customer data and ensuring secure transactions.

Apart from these recent additions, there are many PSPs and modes of payments already integrated with Cloud Forex CRM like Virtual Pay, Zotapay, Fairpay, B2BinPAY, Fasapay, PerfectMoney, AWEpay, Praxis, Virtual Mob Pay, Crypto manual, Wire transfer, Manual PSPs generic, Agent transfer, Bank offline, Wallet etc.

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