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The Benefits of Automating Your Forex Brokerage with a CRM

If you are already in the Foreign Exchange Market, you know that the number of new entrants is increasing largely on a daily basis. So being a broker, you have more options to earn profits from these enthusiastic traders. Looking from the outside, it may seem very easy to establish a forex brokerage and make money, but in reality, it is very hard because of the neck-to-neck competition in this market. A broker’s success depends upon the quality of service he can provide and also the ability to manage internal and external affairs efficiently. The Forex CRM helps brokers achieve the desired level in the industry.

Forex brokerage requires management of client information, customer engagement, and most importantly, converting leads into business to become successful. Here's how using a high-tech forex CRM can help you automate your forex brokerage.

Using a CRM to streamline the sales process:

Start by identifying potential leads, assigning them to your sales team members, converting the leads into clients, and closing them into opportunities—all these activities are included in the CRM automation.

Also, you can opt for either a self-hosted or cloud-based CRM for your firm based on your requirements.

Client information centralised in one location:

A Forex CRM is able to put all the data of a client in one place, making it accessible to the entire organization, be it the sales team or the administrative team. It saves costs like payments, transactions, or phone calls in the cloud and gives equal access of all these records to all the team members. Once centralized, this data cannot be erased or destroyed, which leads to more efficient execution within the organization.

Track customer as well as sales team activities:

When the CRM allows your sales team to track the activities of a particular client or lead and helps them convert the lead into a sale, at the same time the broker can keep an eye on the performance of the particular sales team member by tracking the communications he has made with the client. It allows the team to focus on business and not on unnecessary administrative tasks.

Collaboration among various departments within the organization:

When you use the Forex CRM, you get assistance in bifurcating the information and tasks to various departments for handling different activities. You may have a separate team to handle money deposits, KYC, withdrawals, support, and others. The CRM makes it easier by sharing information inside and between various departments. This avoids any chance of miscommunication within departments.

Integration of third-party applications:

The CRM comes with an individual trader’s room or client cabinet area, where you can provide individual traders with a space to maintain their portfolios. The client cabinet is integrated with the trading platform in order to have fast and easy access. Also, other third-party apps like payment gateways are integrated with the client cabinet, which makes deposits and withdrawals easier for the client and the broker. A CRM that is integrated with a trading platform and payment gateways reduce the complexity of the brokerage.

So, if you are a beginner, we have some cost-effective options for your brokerage, and if you have been in this market for many years, we have some advanced packages as well.

Find out more about Cloud Forex CRM at www.cloudforexcrm.com or Skype us at https://join.skype.com/invite/PDjMZB2m6shc


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