The worst advices you could ever get about Forex CRM

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The worst advices you could ever get about Forex CRM

The worst advices you could ever get about Forex CRM

Well, the worst advise is that ”You don’t need a forex CRM”.

Those who have not used the CRM themselves or those who couldn’t use a CRM to its fullest, might give such advice. But so was the case when humanity came across ‘assembly lines’ and ‘e-banking’ for the first time. People used to say ‘you don’t need it’. And see how far they have come ever since.

Same is the case with Forex CRM. In the earlier times when the forex trading didn’t have the support of technology, the trading was done differently. However, now with the forex CRM, the forex trading industry has been revolutionised.

Still, people give such negative advices about forex CRM, such as…

“CRM makes tasks difficult for your team!”

NO! In fact, as the name goes ‘Customer Relationship Management’, a CRM makes maintaining the traders and IBs on your forex trading platform fairly easy. It is like a one stage where your team can access details, monitor progress and strategize the way further. With features such as Client Management, Support Management, Sales Management, Task Management and MT4/ MT5 sync, a forex CRM is one absolutely necessary tool for your forex trading platform to succeed. Cloud Forex CRM is the one software partner who can give you the most amazing forex CRM. Request a free demo, here.

“CRM is good only for the big forex brokers!”

Imagine what would happen had the big forex brokers listened to such advices? They wouldn’t have become big in the first place. Today, CRM is the basic necessity of any forex trading platform – regardless big or small. Because you can not win in a competition where everyone is using the CRM and you don’t.

“CRM is a complex and too costly software!”

This notion would have been true until a few years back. However, today the technology has evolved and matured into a perfectly fine system. It is no longer a complex system where you might have to deal with the complex integration. Today’s CRM are sleek, easy to integrate and most importantly, they are very very cost-effective.

“Every forex broker uses the same CRM!”

Many people give this question as an excuse to not using CRM, ‘If everyone uses the same CRM, how it helps us win the competition? Well the question is itself wrong because all the CRMs have different features and advantages. The CRMs are designed keeping the broker’s requirements and target audience in mind. You can customize CRM as per your needs.

“CRM can work in only one country, a big limitation!”

Everybody knows that forex trading is a global market, and so is the internet and social media. So, this advice is totally wrong because one CRM can help you reach out and manage relationship with people from across the world. In fact, you can easily customize the CRM to manage traders from different countries, differently. So, this is a big advantage.

Creating a customized CRM for your forex trading platform is so much easy and cost effective. All you need is a clear idea in your mind about ‘what do you need’. Professional companies such as Cloud Forex CRM can create a CRM that is tailor-made according to your needs. If you think you can take a plunge in the world of forex trading as a broker, contact Cloud Forex CRM on or click here here to get in touch.


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