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Top CRM Trends For 2018

With the growth of businesses, there is increased accountability as a result of competition, customer expectations. It’s prime cause being excess use of mobile phones and access to the online world. Anyhow and at any point of time, the prime focus of any company is to get customers and to work on retaining them. With the technological advancement, there is now the existence of Artificial Intelligence and such other concepts which also need to be considered in order to hold on a customer.

The Concept of CRM dated long back in the 80’s but it is necessary to go with the flow so as to survive and grow. Updation from old techniques to new CRM techniques is a must. Customer Relationship is a very important aspect that needs to be managed. The future of any company lies in the hands of the company itself. Better the service, brighter the future.

The Latest CRM Trends for 2018 that need to be considered are as follows:

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI relates to making intelligent machines – computers, robots, software, etc. It has the potential to make the business smarter. It is necessary to design the systems in a way that they can think like human beings. AI will help in creating healthier CRM as it can be developed in a way to interact with customers in a more systematic and better way. Moreover, it will help to reduce the labor work, reduce the efforts as it works automatically based on the coding done.

For example, once you search for any product on the web, even after a few days of that search, the web will show you links and images to that or similar product. This is the impact of AI. It can collect data, analyze it and use the analyzed data in future as per the requirements. The same way it can work for Customer Service and bring about a revolution.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The day is not far when it will be a must to integrate with the devices like mobile, cars, home devices, etc. of the customer to know the exact nature of demand. The current market trend indicates the need of the same and also its advantages as it will reduce human effort but regular updation and review is a must. There are few latest instances where the car itself indicates that there is less air pressure in the tyre and needs to be refilled. This is what exactly the future would look like. So it becomes a necessity for all the business to innovate and explore in IoT so as to have strong CRM.

3. Predictive Analysis

Just the way analysis for demand and supply or such other things are conducted based on the past and historical data, now this predictive analysis can be used as a tool to analyze the customer behavior. A specific pattern may be observed based on previous records of purchase by a specific customer and accordingly can be done for the whole lot. This analysis uses advanced algorithms to get the data from various online sources like social media accounts, websites, Data of previous purchases and so on. It identifies the basic behavior of the customer and plays its role accordingly.

4. From Social Media to Social CRM

Social Media is the lifeblood for any person these days. Not a single person can be found who is detached from these platforms. All customers are too closely attached to these platforms that these platforms become a real source of information about the client. It provides minutest details from check-ins to food preferences which cover almost all the industries. Thus, it is a great tool to know the customers as well as market the products to increase the sales. Social CRM is the Trend that is most effective and significant considering the current scenario.

5. Third Party Collaboration

CRM developers will constantly find new ways and methods to improve the usage of current CRM systems. There is integration with various tools and services. The business is literally moving from reality to a completely mobile experience where physical availability of a person or thing is a mere perception. No location barrier but growth is the reality. Future CRMs would use information in a different and much better way which can help build better customer relations over time.

6. Cloud Computing

It is the technology that brings in mobility. Any person can access any data stored on the cloud at any point of time that too from any location. Such a wonder..! No barriers at all. The major advantages like less IT crew to be hired, less involvement of the management, cost-effective, ease of use. It opens up the gates for all business to have a smaller office as no need to have data storage as Cloud does this work. Cloud CRM will be a revolutionary trend as it is the easiest yet best CRM solution.

7. Better Availability of CRM Solutions

The year 2018 may mark the initiation of development in CRM software solutions for small businesses. It can be possible by means like unique small business CRM solutions, affordable subscription packages, etc. More the growth of technology, there will be an impact on CRM. Various Forex CRM packages are available which are is an absolute must-have for all Forex Brokers as their work reduces to a huge extent, the software does most of the work. Similarly, for all other industry, CRM software packages work really well.

It is not CRM that has evolved, but it is the customer that is ever-growing. Their needs and requirements make the business reach new heights and explore new horizons. And in order to keep the customers intact and happy, the businesses and thereby the whole industry grows. Thus, the development in each and every field is for the King- the customer. CRM has a very bright future as customer demands are always more creative and absolutely unending..!


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