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What is Multi-Currency? How is it a crucial aspect in Cloud Forex CRM?

“Flexibility comes from having multiple choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives.”

-Robert Dilts

Keeping the same thought in mind, Cloud Forex CRM offers Multi-Currency feature for the forex traders.

What is Multi-Currency?

MT4 or MT5 offers an option to trade in multiple currencies like USD, EURO, GBP & JPY. This gives an edge to the trader to trade in his own preferred currency to save on the exchange fees. A Forex CRM is equally important to map with the currency of the trading platform.

How is Multi-Currency a crucial aspect in Cloud Forex CRM?

Having a multicurrency feature in the CRM helps a broker to offer diverse trading conditions based on the different countries he operates in.

A multicurrency feature helps to attract clients from different parts of the world based on the preferred currency the traders would like to trade.

With Cloud Forex Multi-currency features you can:

  • Accept Deposit & Give withdrawal in the preferred currency.
  • IB Commission can be calculated in the IB’s local currency.
  • You can run various reports in the preferred currency.
  • You can have E-wallet in multiple currencies for easy fund transfers.

Here, we would like to add that, to get started using this multi-currency feature, Your CRM admin will need to add the base currency or home currency as well as the multiple currencies you require. Only after this your clients will be able to use these currencies for quotes, invoices etc.

So, if you want to maximize your international sales, multi-currency feature is the solution you are looking for.

For further detail contact us at www.cloudforexcrm.com or skype at calvin.pheasantech


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