What is the Traders’ Room and its importance in FOREX CRM

In modern times working long is not important but working smart is true!!

To make any business effective, systematic, and feasible, a lot of effort is needed to synchronize many moving components and bring everything together on one platform. The same applies to the Forex Brokerage business. You need to bring sales, marketing, KYC, Administration, Liquidity, trading agreements, regulations, IB management, and customer support all together on one manifesto. This is possible with the help of the CRM as we know. Same way to bring all the traders together on one platform, you need a common area which is often called Trader's Room or Client Area or Client Portal.

Trader's Room:

Traders Room or Client Portal is also referred to as the CRM for Traders. It's an online portal that hosts various sections like KYC to upload documents, Request for Live account, Demo account, IB, or Affiliate section to manage IB hierarchy and IB commission. E-Waller to preserve your spare funds, Deposit and Withdrawal Section to manage your finances.

As we know, CRM is a bridge between Traders and the Brokers, it is important to understand how CRM and Trader's room are integrated.

CRM and Trader's Room:

A CRM without a Trader's Room is like an incomplete solution you are providing to your Trader. The key feature or the most important feature of a CRM is the Trader's Room. It is the Trader's room where each of your traders can access the features of the CRM and can trade with ease.

Let us now focus on some of the important features a Trader's Room must-have.

Online Wallet:

To synchronize the trading and funds, you need an online wallet configured in your Trader's Room. Once you have the online wallet, the trading becomes smooth and also you can transfer the funds from wallet to trading and vice versa. Also, IB commissions and internal wallet transactions become easier.

Payment Portal:

To ensure complete security of each transaction the trader is making, the payment portal is very important. It shows the various options like debit, credit cards, online banking, PayPal, etc. so that trader can choose one of them and go fearless of losing any data or confidential information.

Broker Hierarchy (Multilevel IBs):

To have rebate and commissions calculated properly, it is advisable to have a proper hierarchy of brokers (IBs). Multilevel IB feature stores and manages data of the IBs efficiently.

Mobile Applications:

While the trader is traveling or not able to sit in front of a computer, he can use the mobile app for accessing the trading room with ease. The Mobile App design improves user interface with easy navigation.

Online Notifications:

It is important to know of each activity that is done on your account. For example withdrawals or deposits, if notified online to the trader, it becomes easier for him to make more transactions smoothly.

Multi-lingual Platform:

Language should never be a barrier to any trader. With a multi-lingual platform, from any part of the world, a trader can trade with you without fear of miscommunication.

Online Support:

If a trader needs on the spot support while trading online, Trader’s Room online support or ticket module will be the best solution. The support team can solve the issues of traders immediately once the ticket is generated.

To know more about functionalities and advantages of a Forex CRM and Trader's Room, contact us at www.cloudforexcrm.com or skype at calvin.pheasantech


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