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While creating a forex trading platform, how to prioritize CRM requirements?

The forex trading industry is on a song these days! More and more people are looking for trustable forex trading platforms that can give them a great trading experience. And while creating your own forex trading platform, having a cloud-based CRM is a must. Well, there are a number of tools and functionalities that you need on your forex trading platform and CRM is one of the most important ones.

Which are the must-have requirements of a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Management software or CRM is a tool that helps you manage the interaction with your clients (both existing and potential) in a very efficient manner. A cloud-based CRM allows your team to access all the information from the cloud any time, hassle-free and immediately.

1. Easy Installation

Gone are the days when CRMs used to be a gigantic software installed on bulky PCs. Today, you can install a CRM software and get it running easy and fast. Your team can sign into the CRM from any device and start using it immediately. Cloud-based CRMs are very easy applications; and they can be installed easily on multiple devices as they are compatible with most of the latest devices and OS.

2. Total Customization

Everybody has their own imagination of the forex trading markets and everyone is looking for something different from the forex trading platform; you, your team and your clients! So, the relationship between you and your clients will be different too. That’s why you need a CRM that is customized to your specific needs. This is one of the most basic requirements of you are thinking about making it BIG in forex broking.

3. 24 X 7 Accessibility

A cloud-based CRM allows your team to manage the customer relationships round the clock. As the forex broking business never really sleeps, your team needs 24 X 7 accessibility to perform better. Your team can access CRM software anywhere using internet, even while travelling, only with the could-based CRM! Also, if the CRM is cloud-based, the centralized data can also be accessed 24 X7 by your team.

4. Total Convenience

You can get a fairly good deal for a CRM on a monthly subscription bases or you can create your own customized CRM for your forex trading platform. The best part is, once you install it, you can use easily with a login ID and password. You can integrate CRM with other applications to access docs, mails and contacts too. When your CRM is easy and fast, your team’s productivity goes up drastically.

5. High Security Levels

Forex trading is a very peculiar industry when it comes to vulnerability. The traders seek high level of security of their data and their activity on any forex broking platform. It is one of the most important requirementsthat a CRM must have. No outsider should ever get into your CRM, that’s the rule. In this context, cloud-based CRM is a very much secure way to store and manage your customer relationships.

6. Easy Maintenance

The times are changing, the technology is changing and the markets are changing real-fast as well. So, you need to be sure that your CRM changes with the changing world. The CRM should be scalable and upgradable as per the demands of the traders and the brokers. So, whenever you are selecting a CRM for your forex trading platform, make sure that you select the cloud-based CRM that is easy to maintain and upgrade.

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