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Why CRM and Back Office Management are important in Forex Brokerage?

What's the most effective part of your brokerage firm that makes it successful in the market? Well, many of the brokers would believe that the right choice of a trading platform, payment gateway options, or some specific Forex license is responsible for their achievements. Even we agree that these components play a major role in making your business a success and most of the brokerage firms adopt these solutions which are almost one and the same everywhere. Then what makes your firm stand out and distinct from others? Well, there is a product which has become an integral part of the brokerage firms now a days and that is none other than a Forex CRM! It is been liked by both the Brokers and the traders as the CRM influences both front and back-office workflows.

Let us make it clear for the beginners the actual meaning of the CRM and Back Office:

Forex CRM:

Now if you are a beginner or start-up brokerage owner, you must understand in detail what a Forex CRM System is and why all of the successful brokerage firms have already adopted this component in their system as a default requirement. A CRM System allows brokers to manage each and every process within the firm with effectiveness and efficiency. With the help of a vast variety of reports, you can be able to view your firm's business from every point of view. Being an owner you can divide the processes and roles based on the overall working system of your firm.

Moreover, the Forex CRM system turns out to be a highly integral part when it comes to third-party services like KYC providers, payment providers, etc. High-end CRM software will provide you and your traders the ultimate functionality with diverse reports and statistics that will be very helpful for your sales team.

The main components that any good CRM should have are:

  • All in one Management Platform and an effective dashboard
  • Lead Module which will be able to track the customer journey
  • IB management Module
  • Dynamic Reports Module
  • Payment options
  • Customer Support Portal

Back Office Management:

As all the administrative tasks and the handling of the process is being done by your back office team, it is very important to have a strong and long-lasting team for a success-seeking brokerage firm.

Administrative management includes a smooth functioning of your brokerage firm, at the same time you should be able to attract and handle new clients well, Withdrawal and deposit permissions provisions, and also a little knowledge of accounting will help your team handle client's transactions efficiently.

Being a broker, you should be able to provide all the modules, features, and services to your customers and also some extraordinary offers which your competitors in the market are not giving.

For more detail like how Cloud Forex can help you set up your firm and acquire the best Forex CRM, contact us on  www.cloudforexcrm.com or Skype us at https://join.skype.com/invite/PDjMZB2m6shc


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