Why IB Dashboard Is an Integral Part of a Forex Broker CRM?

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Why IB Dashboard Is an Integral Part of a Forex Broker CRM?

Why IB Dashboard Is an Integral Part of a Forex Broker CRM?

One of the best and respected methods of business is Network Marketing these days, and the IB model in Forex CRM is the best example of such Network Marketing. As the levels are endless, one can continue to grow because more and more sub-IBs would register under them.

As this is not a single linear process, and there is a huge and complex network of Traders and Introducing Brokers involved, the challenge the Forex Broker faces here is to regulate the levels of network and commissions/brokerages.

With Cloud Forex Trader’s Room IB Dashboard feature, we have eased handling the multi-level IB Module. IB Dashboard is an integral part of any Forex Broker CRM because it gives a quick view of the entire IB model with the below tabs on one window.

IB Analytics:

This analysis will show volume, commission paid, and Net deposits which can be filtered daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Pending Activities

Here you can have a quick view of all the pending activities for a particular IB. These can be KYC documents, live accounts, First Trading deposits, or IB status. This information makes it easy for your team to work on the pending activities quickly.

Performance Analytics

You can observe the individual performance of each sub IB based on the lots and commission earned. Also, sub-IB team-wise performance can be seen.

Top 5 performers

Based on the commission earned, a list of top 5 sub IBs would be displayed.

Active Traders and IB

You can have an idea of which Traders and IBs are active currently for the current month or in the last month.


On top of the screen you will be able to see the summary of the particular IB like his Total balance, the total commission earned, total volume, total clients or sub-IBs, etc.

When a broker gets such information handy and in one glance, the tedious jobs become easier for him. Cloud Forex IB Dashboard brings many benefits to the broker which makes his life hassle-free.

  • Efficient and Easy management of various levels of IB
  • Faster actions can be taken to resolve the problems and to provide services
  • Get rid of creating reports of every level
  • Check the performance of IBs at one glance and plan rewards accordingly
  • Get a clear picture of commissions and incentives

So, if you are a forex broker with multiple clients and levels of sub-IBs under you, you would need Cloud Forex CRM to deal with them and bring out the best of your business.

For further detail on the IB dashboard feature, contact www.cloudforexcrm.com and skype at calvin.pheasantech


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