Client Management

The Trader management system is efficiently designed with great flexibility. Through this Trader management system, the traders can easily post their queries and other necessary information on the portal. Every trader has unique portal access which is linked with the trading account. The traders can also directly upload important documents like Identification proof and Residential proof.

Client Management

Support Management

To maintain the support system efficiently, the ticketing system options are provided in the FxCRM panel. With the help of the ticketing system, every query of the clients will be registered automatically on the server.

For the compatibility, it is also feasible to modify the structure of the ticketing system. Apart from the ticketing system, it is also feasible to change the front website settings. Thus, with the help of our support management system, it is easy to provide the best support to your traders.

Sales Management

In the Forex and Binary industries, it is very important to focus on the sales strategies. If proper plans are not maintained, then it is hard to achieve the sales target. To enhance the sales, the CRM system is designed with necessary features.

You can simply manage all the information regarding the marketing campaigns on the CRM platform with reminder facilities. Even Auto Email features are also efficiently added in our platform. With Cloud Forex CRM, it is easy to send emails to your clients, partners, and your teammates.

Task Management

It is very important to track the working status of the staff. To ensure the completion of each assigned work, proper reminders and mail system are also provided in the panel. The task management system in Cloud Forex CRM also includes a security check, which restricts the internal access without prior security permissions.

MT4/ MT5 Sync

To ensure proper details of the transaction and trading, all the data are synced with the MT4/MT5 account. Clients can easily manage their funds in their MT4/MT5 account. Also, multiple levels IB affiliate system can be easily maintained in the panel as per the requirements.

MT4 - MT5 Sync
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