Forex CRM
Multi-Level IB

Multi-Level IB

Cloud Forex CRM allows unlimited tiers of affiliate commission virtually. With our FxCRM system, it is possible to automate and control the entire process of rebate generation and commission for unlimited levels.


Now our Cloud Forex CRM represents a wide variety of languages worldwide. So, it is now easy for your team to handle the customers/traders on the global platform. You can effectively set the language according to your preferences with just one click!

Role Management

It is very important to manage the team based on an operational hierarchy system. This feature allows the admin to assign necessary rights and permissions to the employees (according to their job roles) so that the work can be managed efficiently. If you are the admin, then you can easily provide internal access to your dedicated employees.

Dynamic Reports

This is probably one of the best features of Cloud Forex CRM system. With this feature, it is possible to track the monthly, quarterly, and annual records of the client. Some important analytics which is covered in this feature include e-wallet transactions, withdrawal, deposits, IB, and much more.

Dynamic Reports

Support System

If you are facing any difficulties in the website, trader’s room feature or with the FxCRM system, then you can use this feature. We have designed an efficient ticketing system, which will resolve the support issues without any downtime.

MT4/MT5 Integration

We have created the best Forex CRM to ease the trading and client management systems. With MT4 and MT5 integration, you can efficiently manage the entire software application.

Real-Time Notification

As the FxCRM platform is directly connected with the trader’s room, you can receive the real-time notification of the client’s activity. It means, any action taken by the client, will be notified to you instantly.

Sales and Support Tracking Module

With this feature, you can manage your sales effectively. Cloud Forex CRM includes all the necessary sales features like auto-mail, reminders, etc. in this feature. Apart from sales, you can also take care of the support activities with the help of our ticketing system.

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