Forex Brokerage Calculator: Cost-effective and adaptable pricing choices for Forex Brokerage Solutions.

Forex Brokerage Calculator: Cost-effective and adaptable pricing choices for Forex Brokerage Solutions.

In addition to our powerful and innovative Forex CRM, PheasanTech provides a range of brokerage solutions. We are proud to introduce our unique Forex Brokerage Calculator, which enables you to assess the versatility and cost-effectiveness of our Forex CRM and other services. Our wide range of services provides users with numerous options and features to choose from. Now, let's delve into each component of the calculator and explore its functionalities in detail.


Compliance for Forex brokerage refers to the adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards in conducting foreign exchange trading activities. It involves implementing measures to ensure transparency, risk management, client protection, anti-money laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. Compliance helps maintain integrity, stability, and trust in the Forex market while protecting both the broker and the clients.

At our platform, we provide an extensive selection of Forex Licenses, such as Vanuatu, Mauritius, Seychelles, Labuan, and Comoros. Brokers have the flexibility to choose the option that best fits their needs and requirements.


A Forex logo is a visual representation of a Forex-related business or brand. It typically incorporates relevant symbols, typography, and colors to communicate the essence of the company and its services. A well-designed Forex logo can create a strong brand identity, establish trust, and differentiate a business in the competitive Forex market.

We offer two options to choose from: Standard Logo and Premium Logo.


A Forex website is an online platform specifically designed to provide information, tools, and services related to foreign exchange trading. It serves as a hub for traders, offering real-time market data, educational resources, trading platforms, account management functionalities, and customer support. A well-designed Forex website ensures user-friendly navigation, responsive design, and a secure environment for traders to access and engage with the Forex market.

The broker can select from standard or premium website options from our Calculator.

Trading Platform

A Forex trading platform is a software application or online platform that enables individuals and institutional traders to buy and sell currencies in the foreign exchange market. It provides access to real-time market data, charts, technical analysis tools, order execution capabilities, and account management features. A reliable and user-friendly Forex trading platform is essential for traders to analyze market trends, place trades, manage positions, and monitor their portfolios effectively.

Our Forex Brokerage Calculator will provide you with the options like MT4, MT5 and Vertex Admin or White Label to choose from.

CRM & Trader’s Room

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in the context of Forex refers to a software system designed to manage and improve interactions with clients. It helps Forex brokers effectively handle customer inquiries, track leads, manage accounts, and provide personalized support.

A Trader's Room is an online portal or dashboard that allows Forex traders to manage their trading accounts, access trading platforms, deposit and withdraw funds, view transaction history, and communicate with their broker. It serves as a centralized hub for traders to manage their trading activities efficiently.

Cloud Forex CRM is a flagship product of PheasanTech. You can see three options start-up, beginner, and Expert for the CRM based on monthly price and number of contacts.

Cabinet Mobile App

A Cabinet Mobile App, in the context of Forex trading, is a mobile application designed to provide traders with convenient access to their trading accounts and essential functionalities on the go. The app typically allows users to monitor their account balances, view real-time market prices, place trades, set up alerts, manage positions, and review their transaction history. It offers traders the flexibility to stay connected to the Forex market and manage their trading activities directly from their mobile devices, providing a convenient and efficient trading experience

Our calculator has three options here same as the Forex CRM.

CRM Mobile App

A CRM Back Office Mobile App is a mobile application that enables Forex brokers and their staff to access and manage customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities on the go. It allows brokers to view and update client information, track leads, manage accounts, monitor performance metrics, and provide customer support directly from their mobile devices. This app offers brokers the flexibility to efficiently handle CRM tasks while being away from their office, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

Here too the broker gets the option to choose from start-up, beginners, and Expert based on his requirements.

Risk Management System

RMS (Risk Management System) in the context of Forex refers to a comprehensive set of tools and protocols implemented by brokers to mitigate and control potential risks associated with foreign exchange trading. It involves monitoring exposure, setting limits, applying risk assessment models, and implementing risk mitigation strategies to protect both the broker and the clients from excessive market volatility and potential financial losses.

Cloud Forex Brokerage calculator offers RMS with 1 Manager and RMS with 2 Managers based on monthly and one-time pricing.


Liquidity in the forex market refers to the ease with which a currency pair can be bought or sold without causing significant price movements. It represents the depth and volume of trading activity in the market. High liquidity means there are many buyers and sellers, resulting in tight bid-ask spreads and efficient trade execution. In contrast, low liquidity indicates fewer participants, which can lead to wider spreads and potential slippage. Liquidity is crucial for traders as it ensures smoother trade execution, reduces transaction costs, and allows for more accurate price discovery.

We offer two types of liquidities to choose from. Either you select minimum deposit and monthly charges or live feed with monthly charges.

Copy Trading

Copy trading is a form of social trading where traders can follow and replicate the trading strategies of successful traders. By connecting their trading accounts to those of experienced traders, they can automatically mirror their trades in real-time. This allows less experienced traders to benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and performance of skilled traders, potentially improving their own trading results and learning from their strategies.

The broker gets an option to choose a third-party copy trading feature available with us.


PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is an investment system in which an experienced trader manages the funds of multiple investors. Profits and losses are distributed among the investors based on their allocated percentages, allowing them to potentially benefit from the trader's expertise and performance in the forex market.

We can provide PAMM with a monthly charge.

Besides the services included in the calculator, at PheasanTech, we provide a turn-key solution for brokers including Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, and PPC). To know more about how our Forex Brokerage Calculator works try your hands on or WhatsApp us at

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