How you can enhance profitability using CRM empowered by AI/ ML?

How you can enhance profitability using CRM empowered by AI/ ML?

Do you know anything about PREDITIVE ANALYSIS?

Let me give you a short introduction anyways! Predictive Analysis is the method of identifying the future outcomes using the historical data. And though it sounds so much simple, it is not. It has been around for decades and organizations have been using these methods for a long time. But we are talking about it today, because of an interesting reason. And that is…

The rise of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning!

Because AI and ML has the power to take ‘predictive analysis’ to the next level.

In the era of 5G connected smartphones, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP has totally transformed. The expectations from the customers and the tools of connectivity are not what they used to be. For example...

  • -The type and volume of data has grown drastically
  • -The communication channels are more accessible
  • -The software and apps are much more user-friendly
  • -The customers are aware of their precise requirement
  • -The markets have become impatient and unforgiving

This is why you need a CRM – Customer Relationship Management software that is empowered using AI/ ML. You need to be connected with the customers at the right place and at the right time. This can be the difference between you and your competitors. So, let’s discuss how an AI/ML powered CRM such as Cloud Forex CRM can help you make a fortune.

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Benefits of AI/ ML powered CRM:

1. Market Data Analysis

As we discussed earlier, there is umpteen amount of data that people generate. With the help of market data received from calls, chats, emails, browsing, search engines and social media, you can understand the need of customers and make arrangements to address them precisely. This data analytics can help you make a fortune by effective use of ‘predictive analysis’. For example, you can figure out which countries are opening up for forex trading and conquer the market there.

2. Customer Trait Analysis

Not just the potential customers, you also need to understand the tendency and trading pattern of existing traders on board. Their record of customer service requests, deposits & withdrawals, response to promotions, activity duration, etc. gives you insights about the traits of an individual customer. AI/ ML powered CRM can help you analyse these aspects and connect with the existing traders through the right channel, at the right time.

3. Marketing Budget Management

Any forex broker needs to work aggressively for getting more leads and achieving more conversion rate. But there can’t be unlimited budget for that. An AI/ ML powered CRM helps you analyse your marketing spends and make adjustments in your plans. We need to reduce the CPL and CPA to make our marketing activities more cost-effective. This way, a broker can deliver a personalized experience and be a part of the customer journey at lesser cost.

4. Automated Lead Management

Your sales teams need to focus on the leads with maximum potential and unique way to convert them. Analysing the thousands of leads received from so many different channels, is simply a waste of time. But your AI/ ML powered CRM can segregate these leads and distribute them among your sales team wisely. This way, you can target most-qualified leads and assign it to the most-suitable team for further interaction.

5. Trader Sentiment Analysis

Not only targeting the customers and getting them on board, a broker also needs to retain them. There are numerous competitors and anyone can lure your trader away. This is why, a constant mechanism is required which keeps an eye on the trader issues and overall sentiment among traders. You need to know what makes the traders happy and what annoys them, to offer them the best and retain them on your platform for a longer time.

Get the power of AI/ ML with Cloud Forex CRM

AI/ ML powered CRM can give tremendous power to your sales teams. With the help of data analysis you can identify potential markets, understand individual customers, assign adequate marketing budget, gather and process leads, and finally manage the sentiments of customers. AI/ ML technology helps you analyse that data with speed and accuracy. Cloud Forex CRM is the one software that gives the power of AI & ML, to your forex broking business. Click here to get a free demo or get in touch with us on WhatsAppMonica S.pheasantech. You can also send us an email on [email protected].

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